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Hello there I’m Richard Smith, a former member of both Nottingham Hospitals Radio (NHR) and Radio Robin (Ilkeston Community Hospital Radio), with more than 30 years of programming, broadcasting and station management experience.

Since the summer of 2004, I’ve been producing programmes, mainly for Hospital Radio listeners’ enjoyment from a purpose-built studio at home with an ever-growing library of 36,000+ pieces of music from all genres ranging from the 1920’s to the charts of today.


The A to Z of Pop’ programmes focus on a letter of the alphabet and then I’ll play titles or artists that begin with that letter. A simple idea I think you’ll agree, but one that works extremely well, and is very ‘listener friendly’.

The A to Z of Pop’, is a generic programme that does not mention days, times or seasons, has no ‘sell-by’ date so can be used at any time of the day or night depending on your schedules’ needs.

There are different length programmes to suit both the Hospital Radio and Community or Internet Radio environments and these can be easily downloaded directly from this website.
All you need to do is tell me a little about you and the station you’re representing, using the contact form on the right, then register using this link and once that’s been approved, just login and download whatever programmes you need for your station.

I can also make custom trailers for the programmes relating directly to your station, therefore offering you a complete service.

The A to Z of Pop’ has proved to be the ideal show to use as a bridge between your automation and ‘live’ output as it is ‘presenter-led’ and aimed specifically at your listeners.

There are currently more than 100 stations in the UK, Ireland and Australia who use the shows on a more than regular basis, so why not join them?

Want to hear more? Then please visit the Demo page and either listen to a few short extracts from various shows or download a full sample show for free!

If you have any questions at all, just fill in the contact form on the right. 

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