Community & Internet Radio.

Over the years The A to Z of Pop has proved to be one of the most successful and ‘schedule-friendly’ concepts in Hospital Radio being used by more than 100 stations in the UK, Ireland and even Australia!

This format has now been expanded and developed into the ever-growing Community and Internet Radio market and is now being offered to such stations to enhance their daily or weekly schedules with a quality product that is entertaining, engaging and informative.

It’s really difficult to invent a format that will suit every station as every station is different, however I hope to have come up with a generic model that needs little intervention and that will suit a majority of stations giving them a degree of flexibility to cope with those varying demands.

The Community and Internet Radio programmes are split into two 26 minute-long halves and also have an edit point within each half to allow for stations to insert their own imaging, advertisements or station announcements/appeals etc.

To customise the shows further, once the programme is given a regular slot in a stations’ schedules, I am more than willing to do station-specific trailers and if the programme becomes sponsored by a local company or individual, then I can also voice that element of it to.

If you and/or your Community or Internet Radio station requires some quality, entertaining radio, then please get in touch here to get download details for a sample programme – and your listeners can soon benefit from hearing The A to Z of Pop, on your station.

But don’t just take my word for it…………

To upgrade your subscription to be able to download the 2014 series of 26, Community & Internet shows, there is a ‘donation’ of £26 required using the donate button on the homepage.
You can now also download the 2018 series of 27 shows which includes a Christmas special edition for a ‘donation’ of just £30.

So, what have you got to lose?   Please get in touch here to find out more.

Here are the latest Community Radio Stations to use ’The A to Z of Pop!’….. Cornwall Hospital Broadcasting Network (CHBN), Ignition Radio, Puritans Radio, Kennet Radio, Beach Hut Radio, Premier Gold Radio, Hebden Radio, Radio Seren….. To join these stations simply get in touch…