‘The A to Z of Pop!’ was originally created for the Hospital Radio community and has been divided into regular series and special ‘themed’ programmes. This has now been complimented by the addition of programmes made specifically for Community and Internet Radio stations.

Each show contains music to suit all tastes and ages, (hopefully), and has a limited amount of chat between the songs. It’s the ideal ‘filler’, or regular series building into an extensive library of ‘presenter-led’ recorded material, providing the perfect ‘bridge’ between computer-generated playlists and ‘live’ broadcasting.
There are more than 570 programmes available for your listeners to enjoy, so why not take a look at what’s on offer by following any of the highlighted links below.

Series One created in 2004 has 24 programmes in it which looks at artists or titles beginning with the same letter of the alphabet. 

There were also 24 shows in Series Two from 2004/5 looking at the letters ‘A’ to ‘Y’. 

Series Three was an A to Z look at individual years from 1950 to 2006, and featured as many letters of the alphabet in each show and containing music only from that featured year, ideal if you want to run that sort of a feature on any given day/weekend or whatever. 

Series Four was a full 26 shows covering every letter of the alphabet, yes even including ‘X’ and ‘Z’!

There are 54 shows in Series Five where each programme covers two or three letters from one decade from the 1950s to the 2000s. So we could feature songs or artists that begin with A, B or C from the 1950s etc.

Just the 25 programmes in Series Six, which was created in 2009, ‘A’ to ‘X, Y & Z’ including a show dedicated to songs and artists that begin with ‘The’. 

Series Seven, is another look at individual years this time from from 1960 to 2011, 52 shows in all and similar to series five features songs and artists from each particular year. 

Series Eight from 2011 is 25 shows and looks at just artists names that begin with the same letter of the alphabet as well as a bit of fun with The A to Z of Pop’s Trivia Challenge where we ask the listener to guess at a song title from various clues given throughout the show. 

Series Nine is also 25 shows and consists of just song titles that begin with the letters ‘A’ to ‘X, Y & Z’ and includes another programme with song titles that begin with ‘The’. 

In Series Ten there are 26 programmes in all covering the letters ‘A’ to ‘X, Y & Z’, as well as a couple looking at songs and artists beginning with ‘The’ and also a show devoted to songs and artists that have ‘Numbers’ in their name or title.

Series Eleven completed in October 2014 once again features individual years from 1960 to 2014 and like the shows in series eight has another round of The A to Z of Pop Trivia Challenge! 

July 2015 saw me completing Series Twelve which contains all the letters of the alphabet as well as a couple of extras again looking at songs and artists with Numbers in their name or song title and songs or artists that begin with ‘The’. 

Series Thirteen which was concluded in September 2016, takes a look at two letters of the alphabet per programme from the same decade beginning with the 1950s, (always a challenge when it gets to the back-end of the alphabet)! 

Moving onto Series Fourteen finished during early Summer 2017, included a full A to Z as well as shows dedicated to songs or artists with ‘numbers’ in their name or title and songs and artists that begin with the phrase, ‘The’! Also during these shows, another chance for listeners to test their musical knowledge with The A to Z of Pop’s Trivia Challenge. 

If you have a look at the Downloads page, you’ll notice a good number of Special Editions of the show where I try to think of a theme and select an A to Z surrounding that theme. These specials are either one or two hours in length or two hours split for a news break and have included 8 Chistmas editions, The A to Z of Motown, Duets, Hospital Radio’s Most Wanted, Bond…James Bond, Eurovision and loads more.

There is also and ever-increasing number of Individual Artists shows featuring an A to Z look at the work of one particular artist, these shows have proved to be extremely useful as a tribute programme or general filler. Please go to the ‘Individual Artists’ area on the downloads page to see if your favourite artist has been given the A to Z treatment!

All the shows are available for you to download FREE-OF-CHARGE (but you have to register first though) in .mp3 format at 192kbps.

So please visit the downloads page to find out just what programmes are available to you.

Or for more information, just get in touch here.

Community Radio

In 2014, I decided to create a set of programmes specifically designed for Community and Internet Radio use. Along the same lines as the Hospital shows but containing music choices only from the 1960s to 2000s. These shows also include breaks to allow stations to insert their own imaging, advertising or features making them a more than versatile asset to any stations’ output.

Check out the Community Radio section of the Downloads page to learn more about the 2014 Series of Community and Internet Radio programmes.