The New Year’s BIG Broadcast #NYBB18

Happy New Year from all of us at the BIG Broadcast!

We had an absolute blast presenting a 48-hour marathon show for your listeners over the New Year period so a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all those Station Managers and Programme Controllers who thought that it was a good idea to let my team and I loose on your airwaves for any part of the show, I do hope that we repaid your faith in us by producing a decent bit of live entertainment for you.

Here’s a selection of the comments we’ve received after our epic production…

Hi mate.
Now the dust has settled and body clocks are getting back to normal (or boilers are getting fitted), just a quick email to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to you, Nicky and the BB team for this years NYBB.
The item around the wards was particularly BRILLIANT and just proves what can be achieved with Cleanfeed/Skype or even a mobile phone!
Showing how hospital radio is done, why hospital radio is different from any other radio service and promoting hospital radio around the UK and Ireland.
Take a bow……………………
Paul Watters Radio Broadgreen.

Hi Richard, Happy New Year.
I hope you have now recovered from what I must imagine was a fun but stressful and tiring event. Well done Richard we really appreciated it and it made our output something unique during the hours your output was being re-broadcast.
I listened on and off and found it all very entertaining.
I really appreciate what a humongous task this is to get everything together, and hopefully you and your teams’ hard efforts will be mentioned in the next HBA publication.
Many thanks on behalf of Hospital Radio Exeter for a great programme and for your continued hard work and regular programmes that we use on our output.
Paul Hayman, Chairman. Hospital Radio Exeter
Hi Richard and team, Many thanks for a wonderful 42 hours!
We don’t know how you manage to pull it all together and still sound fresh at the end!
We look forward to the next one, hopefully we’ll be able to contribute to that too.
Happy New Year to you all.
Regards, Christopher & Anne, Sunshine Radio IOW
Happy New Year gang! Still sounding great!
From all of the team at Southend Hospital Radio!
More Abba sing-a-longs please- and hi to the studio dog!
Pete at Southend Hospital Radio.
And it wasn’t just Hospital Radio stations giving us a mention either……


Thanks must go to my team of Oliver Stables, Ruth Stapleton, Jonathan Sawyer and Matthew Rolland for putting up with those sub-zero temperatures whilst the heating at BIG Broadcast towers was broken.

To Nicky who not only has to put up with us all for the duration of the event, but makes sure that we’re all fed and watered too, thankyou.

To all those stations who took part in any way, shape or form, particularly Dave at Radio Hospitals Blackburn, Colin at Grimsby Hospital Radio and Neil at Hospital Radio Basingstoke, for being part of history in the making as we went Live and Direct from the wards with requests from patients, staff and visitors, a truly unforgettable experience.

To my overnight team of Gary Barlow, yes that Gary Barlow, Neil Fraser, Julie Caston, Stewart Kennedy, Peter Grogan, Alan Green, Ken Anton and Laura Balshaw for keeping the entertainment going into the wee smalls!

To those Trivia Challengers all over the country who went out-and-about finding patients to enter the competition and to our sponsors for that Hospedia, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for giving us vouchers to use as prizes for everyone that took part.

To Chris and his team at Devaweb as well as Mr Alan Dedicoat for supplying the imaging and jingles, as well as those celebrities who took part in the Room 101 feature.

To the team at Virtually Local for allowing us to use 033 33 601 301 as our phone number, used over 60 times during the show.

Audiospace for allowing us to have our webplayer device on the website which lots of people logged onto.

To Craig Robinson and his team at Prince Bishops Hospital Radio for allowing us to use their streaming facilities once again, we literally couldn’t have done it without you guys.

To The Salter Family Charitable Trust for their immense support of the project which is always very welcome.

In the end, we think that there were 47 stations in the UK and Ireland who relayed The New Years BIG Broadcast to their listeners and at the last count, we had played almost 100 requests for staff, patients and their visitors at those stations throughout the show.

There were very nearly 1200 unique views of our studio antics on the webcams that we had set up, representing nearly 500 hours of viewing time – most of those watching our live performances from the wonderful Jess McGlinchey, the incomparable Flat Cap Pack, and our BIG Broadcast Pantomime ‘Cinderella’.

All in all, we think that it was a very successful show and we hope to bring it you again next New Year – you have been warned.

Until then and with all apologies to anyone/everyone I’ve missed out, thank you once again for sharing another memorable BIG Broadcast with us, I’ll see you later, ta-ra!