I am extremely grateful to irwinmitchell solicitors for supporting the production of the quizzes however there is no ‘on air’ announcement of their sponsorship on the actual Trivia Challenge questions.

Introduced during 2010 from an original idea by John Lynch, Regional Production Engineer at RTE in Cork, Ireland and Cork University Hospital Radio, The A to Z of Pop Trivia Challenge is a collection of simple, one-minute ‘done and dusted’ quizzes where the listener is first of all asked a pop trivia question, quickly followed by the answer and a sample of the relevant music piece.

Designed to keep your listeners interested and engaged and also to promote the regular A to Z of Pop programmes, The A to Z of Pop Trivia Challenges are aimed at those stations that already use the shows.

The Trivia Challenge can be used as part of live programming as a feature in a presenter’s daily/weekly programme – on the other hand it can also be used when the station is in automated output to break the occasional monotony of continuous music or speech.

Produced in .mp3 format at 192kbps for ease of transfer into any playout system, simply click on the link below to download a .zip file with the audio and question sheet.
There are also some specific Christmas Trivia Challenges for use during the festive season.

Have a listen to one of The A to Z of Pop Trivia Challenge questions below.